American Standard Walk-In Tubs


American Standard spent the last 140 years providing world class sinks, plumbing fixtures, tubs, showers, and toilets. Three out of five American homes can be found to contain American Standard products.

They provide one of the largest selections of bathroom amenities in America.

If you’re looking for a Walk-in Tubs, American Standard is one of the best.

Walk-in Tub Features and Models

American Standard manufactures a variety of walk-in tubs—one for every configuration and need. B

eyond whirlpool and air jets, American Standard Walk-in Tubs include side containers for aromatherapy, relaxing LED mood enhancing lighting, Chromatherapy and comfortable seating.

These features along with excellently crafted detachable shower heads and chrome faucets create some of the best walk-in tubs on the market.

Here’s a breakdown of the four major types of walk-in tubs available:

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Walk-in Air Baths

Air Baths contain air jets to stir the water into a stress-melting state of comfort. Adjustable strength air jets give you control of your experience.

Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs use water jets to create a messaging sensation. The jets are located throughout the tub to ensure a full body massage. Adjusting the strength of the jets can be done with the touch of a button.

Deep Soaking Tubs

Soaking baths don’t contain jets of any kind. They’re meant for a noise free night of relaxation. The seats on these models tend to be wider and reclined to create those heavenly ‘…ahhhh’ moments.

Combo Massage Tubs

As the name suggests, these models combine jets from both air and whirlpool type baths. If you love the feel of gentle, messaging warm water this model is for you.

What Safety features do American Stand Walk-in Tubs come with?

American Standard is aware that many individuals looking for walk-in tubs need their tubs to put emphasis on safety. Each walk-in tub, no matter the model, comes with the following safety features:

-ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant chair height and seat

-Sturdy grab bars inside the tub to help users shift and stabilize weight

-Slip resistant flooring textures

-Low entry lip beneath the door to eliminate the need to ‘climb’ into the tub

-Quick drain water removal means less time getting cold before exiting

Pros and Cons


  • Huge assortment of walk-in tubs—257 total!
  • American Standard provides free installation estimates
  • Lifetime warranty on door seals
  • Slip resistant floor surfaces
  • Both inward and outward door openings available
  • Most tubs come with a multicolored mood lights for relaxation
  • Self-cleaning sanitary system


  • Built in chair may not fit everyone

How much does an American Standard Walk-In Tub cost?

American Standard Walk-in Tubs range from $4500 to nearly $12,000. These prices do no include installation which can add an additional several thousand dollars.

American Standard does free estimates to give you a full pricing upfront. Since American Standard sells 257 walk-in tubs, a variety of prices can be found—one for any budget.

Financing options are also available. Or see if are eligible on Medicare or Medicaid.

What customization choices do American Standard Walk-in Tubs come with?

American Standard tubs come in two colors—white and linen. The linen color is a white with a slight yellow tint. The color choice you choose for your tube will depend in part on how your bathroom is lit.

Natural sunlight through a window and artificial lights will tint the tub differently. It’s worth checking the given color against the environment of your bathroom before committing.

Additionally, American Standard manufactures walk-in tubs in two different materials—acrylic and gelcoat.


Acrylic tubs are made from a clear plastic reinforced with fiberglass. The material is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance.

The only downside to these tubs is that they are more expensive due to their stronger materials. Acrylic tubs are great for someone needing a durable, low maintenance option.


Gelcoat tubs are much lighter than their acrylic siblings. The ‘gel’ of the gelcoat is a fiberglass and resin mix applied to a polyester mold. The coating makes these tubs easier to clean. The end result is a lighter walk-in tub which can be helpful if it’s to go on a second story.

American Standard Warranty

American Standard offers a 15 year warranty on their acrylic tubs with a 10 year warranty on the tub components and a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

The second style of tubs—gelcoat tubs—have a separate, shorter warranty.

Gelcoat tubs come with a 10 year warranty on the tub, 5 year warranty on the components of the tub. These tubs also come with a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

How long does an American Standard take to fill up and drain?

American Standard’s walk-in tubs come with quick drain technology. Can drain an entire tub of 50 gallons in two minutes.

Filling the tub takes 6-10 minutes, depends of water pump in your home.

How many jets does the American Standard Walk-in come with?

Models range in number of jets depending on what style. The soaking tubs come with 0 while the combo massage tubs come with up to 44 jets.

Do I need to hire a plumber to install an American Standard Walk in the tub?

American Standard offers free installation quotes that include the cost of an American Standard tech installing the tub. If you prefer, you can hire your own plumber.

In some cases, your bathroom may need custom changes to fit the tub which will increase the overall cost.

Can I get questions answered about American Standard before scheduling an in-home appointment?

For questions about Walk-in Tubs call 1-866-423-0800. American Standard also has e-mail and live chat features to answer any question you have.

Purchasing a walk-in tub is a significant commitment so you should do your homework before committing. They’re friendly and will be glad to answer any questions.

They offer free quotes they provide give you a good chance to learn about their policies and prices before committing.

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