Will Medicare Cover a Walk-In Tub?


Walk in Tubs is not normally covered by Medicare, but you can be able to get reimbursement of payment after purchasing and installing the tub, if you have a medical diagnosis that proves the medical need.

in most cases Medicare does not consider a walk-in tub as durable and effective medical equipment, but sometimes for some seniors who need special care when looking for a comfortable and safe bath.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Walk in Tub Medicare

Medicare provides coverage for lower-income people and people with barriers to care. People with certain medical conditions, undocumented immigrants, and people who are blind or disabled may not be eligible for coverage through their state’s private insurance market.

These people might choose to enroll in Medicare depending on their financial circumstances and state-specific resource lines.

But we are going to explain how you can get it.

Does Medicare Pay Walk in Tubs?

A plethora of different medical items belongs to the group which is considered as durable equipment.

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Medicare program usually reimbursement for the following items:

  • Specially designed adjustable bed which is of hospital-style
  • Special chairs
  • Patient lift
  • Special commodes

In fact, all these pieces are in place so that seniors can use a walk in tub shower easily and safely.

Can you be a beneficiary? Medicare Walk in Tub

In some situations, Medicare covers walk in tubs if you provide a medical diagnosis proving the beneficiary’s need, detailing the medical reasons for the necessity for a walk-in tub. You never will receive an upfront payment, but maybe you can get a reimbursement. So its never be guarantee that you they will pay or not.

Before 2018, Medicare did not cover any surgical supplies for men or women age 55 and older. Now, they do cover them.

In general, one has to give it a try to be the beneficiary of using a walk in tub that is a durable medical equipment.

In this regard, a sort of medical diagnosis will substantiate the needs of the enthusiastic beneficiary.

Either a medical report showing diagnosis or a prescription written by a registered physician may serve the purpose well.

The prescription or diagnostic report should essentially outline some authentic reasons which may prove the necessity of getting a walk-in tub.

Gathering all the above supportive documents does not necessarily mean that Medicare guarantees its assistance.

It can be the best idea to take the walk in tub as an out-of-pocket possession which means that people should look for some other sources for their financial assistance.

People should prefer taking preparation for bearing the cost personally to waiting for the best supports after submitting a claim and getting approved.

The only thing that can be said is the support does not come in advance of purchasing such tubs.

Rather, the supports are provided in the form of pay; yet these excellent tubs would require to get considered a medical necessity.

Well, it is simply a modification of the home that Medicare is not willing to cover. Such installation does not mean any addition but an absolute modification at a certain place in the home.

How much will walk-in tub cost with Medicare coverage?

If Medicare accepts reimbursement for your walk-in tub, they only going to reimburse the full purchase price of the walk-in tub. The range of normal walk in tub it range between 2500$ and up to 12000$. It’s very rare they pay the installation costs and other modifications at home that you maybe need to fit your walk-in tub in your bathroom, like accessibility modifications.

What is a walk-in tub, and why would I need one?

For those who may have trouble with balance or mobility issues, it can be difficult to step over the edge of a high bathtub into hot water without risking injury. A walk-in tub has been modified so you no longer have to worry about this issue! They also come equipped with safety features such as seats which allow you to take advantage of all their benefits while keeping yourself safe at all times.

If you are a disabled veteran check out this article.

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