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Premier Care Walk-in Tubs – Cost, Models & Company Review

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Premier Care

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Premier Care Walk-in Tubs and BathTubs started as a family business in 1985 to make bathing safer for senior citizens, the elderly, and those with disabilities. With this goal in mind, they have grown and evolved into Premier Care in Bathing.

Premier Care takes care of our customers from purchase to installation and beyond.

Haven Walk-in Tub

Haven Walk-in Bath Tub

With its extra-deep seat design, the newest addition to our wide walk-in bath collection provides further comfort.

This beautiful model has been built to provide a comfortable and safe bathing experience, drawing on over thirty years of expertise.

Slip-resistant base, fast-fill pump technology, and thermostatically regulated filler offer perfect safety while bathing in luxury.

The Haven is an ideal walk-in bath with a bench for simpler bathing. If you prefer to bathe in a shower, discover our walk-in shower and wet room collections.

Cove Walk-in Tub

The Cove features a large front opening door with low-level access, which is designed to provide the optimum sit-in for handicapped customers.

For comfort and support, the Cove tiny and compact walk-in bath has a contoured molded backrest, armrests, and an incorporated upright seat.

This tiny bath has an outward-opening front door and a low-level access step, making it simple to enter.

The bath door is easy to close, and the mixing taps are thermostatically regulated to prevent scorching.

With a slip-resistant base and small dimensions for optimal comfort and support for comfortable bathing, the Cove can be suited for impaired persons.

Our optional Hydrovescent spa massage relieves aches and pains while lowering tension, and an optional shower canopy allows you to utilize the bath as a walk-in shower.

We also create luxury wet rooms for even more fluid entry, making your bathing experience even safer and more secure.

Classic Walk-In Bathtubs

Classic Walk-In Bathtubs bathers enjoy soothing your body in water twice as deep as a standard tub. Both styles are contoured and slip-resistant to allow drenched in complete comfort and safety.

Our seat design also lets you stand and exit safely. The optional Hydrovescent Therapy soothes aches and pains, reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure. The shower wand is completely adaptable for any size bather.

Easy Bathe Walk-In Tub

The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub is an original model that continues to be a best seller. It is simply designed and very easy to use.

The door opens out and is great for easy access to the bath.

Optional features available can transform your walk-in tub into a solution with a walk-in tub shower with an adjustable shower head and create a walk-in tub shower combo.

Also have the Hydrovescent Therapy system and shower canopy.

The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub features include easy entry, a wide door, a safety handle, a comfortable, slip-resistant seat and backrest, a compact size, an ambidextrous door, and our guaranteed, leak-free design.

Premier Care Walk-in Tub Cost

Premier Care Walk-in Tub can cost you anywhere from $5,000-$10,000.

The price is relative to each case and walk-in tub, but they offer free pricing. So get started now and get the cost of a perfect walk-in tub for you with a free estimate, you can also check Kohler as your alternative.

Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs

Premier Care offers two models, The Empower and The Momentum.

The Empower allows full-length, safe bathing with our exclusive power lift chair. Fill the tub, sit on the lift chair, and ease into a nice relaxing bath.

The Momentum is just what the doctor ordered for patients with extremely limited mobility. Just let the power lift chair do the heavy lifting for you.

The Momentum combines Hydrovescent Therapy with energizing spa jets to soothe and stimulate. Relax knowing you can easily get your loved one in and out of the bath.

Simple-Lift Power Bathtubs offer the most comfortable and convenient ways to safely experience full-length bathing for those who find it difficult to do so without assistance.

The Empower allows the bather to simply have a seat on the slip-resistant seat. Fill the tub. Push the button and the power seat will carefully lower them into the tub.

When the bath is finished, drain the water, push the button, and glide effortlessly to a standing position.

Purchase is arranged through one of our courteous Bathing Consultants. We will help you every step of the way, from design to installation.

They have several purchasing options to fit every financial need. They are partnered with GE Financing to offer you affordable very affordable choices.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not typically pay the cost of walk-in tubs because they are considered to be a convenience item rather than a medically necessary device.

Walk-In Tub purchase could be tax deductible, your tax adviser will be able to let you know.

Also, give Veterans benefits as our way of saying “Thank You” for your service.

They stand by our products and installation. Premier Care Walk-In Baths feature a lifetime warranty on the door seal and ten years on the frame and shell. Mechanical, accessories, Hydrovescent Therapy System, and fixtures all come with one-year parts and labor warranty.

Easy Access Showers include shower tray and walls, a ten-year parts warranty, and one-year parts and labor on the shower door, accessories, and fixtures. You now can see the Ellas Bubbles Walk in Tub.