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Safe Step Walk-In Tub Cost in 2024

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Safe Step

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Safe Step manufacturing facility in Tennessee

Safe Step Walk-in Tub was founded in 2001 in Nashville and now proudly manufactures its entire range of walk-in tubs in Tennessee.

Safe Step Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • Premium Quality
  • Free Consultation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Support

What We Didn´t Like

  • No Showrooms

The available options include Air Jet Therapy (Gentle Jet), Hydro-Jet Therapy, and a Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System. The Air Jet Therapy System features 10 water jets and 16 bubble streams, offering a soothing massage experience for the feet, back, and legs.

The Hydro-Jet Therapy system allows the user to change the speed at which water is dispensed and has ten ports built into the tub, which helps people relieve tension all over their bodies.

The Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System gives users access to massages and a whirlpool experience.

Safe Step excels in crafting bathtubs with slip-proof surfaces, ensuring enhanced safety for users.

Woman peacefully relaxing in a Safe Step Walk-In Tub, she appears at ease, with her eyes closed, enjoying the comfort of the bath. The tub's design is visible, showcasing its safety features and ergonomic structure.

What are the dimensions of a Safe Step Walk-in Tub?

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs’ dimensions start with standard sizes of 52 to 60 inches in length, 28 to 32 inches in width, and 36 to 46 inches in height. The seat dimensions are typically 21 inches wide and 17 inches high. These tubs accommodate various user needs and can be customized, including options for bariatric or wheelchair-accessible models, which may have different dimensions to meet specific requirements​.


Each tub has grab bars, a low entrance threshold, and anti-slip surfaces, as we’ve come to expect from walk-in tubs.

They have unique characteristics, such as anti-scald technology and overflow drains, that make them even better.

When first hearing about a walk-in tub, it’s easy to assume that it is all about relaxing, but Safe Step’s walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind.

But that doesn’t mean they sacrifice comfort for convenience. Their product is on the next level. 

How Much Does a Safe Step Walk-in Tub Cost?

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs cost between $5,000 to $10,000, varying by model, features, plus installation.

Walk-in Tub$2,500 – $8,000
Walk-in Shower$4,000 – $10,000
Hybrid Tub$2,500 – $10,000
Cost of InstallationApprox. $5,000
Total Estimated Cost$8,500 – $16,000

This price table was updated on 02/11/2023.

When you choose, always remember that the price & cost of installation need to be verified directly with the company for the final quote.

We believe that you get what you pay for, and Safe Step Tub is a fantastic choice despite the cost.

Safe Step Walk in Tub


Safe Step Walk-In Tubs cost between $5,000 to $10,000, varying by model, features, plus installation.

How Much Does The Installation Cost?

The installation cost for a Safe Step Walk-In Tub generally starts at around $5,000. This can vary based on your home’s specific needs and any additional features or customizations you choose for your tub. We recommend getting a free quote before installation.

What is the installation process for a Safe Step Walk-In Tub?

The installation process of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub involves several steps: removing the old tub if you have one, preparing the space, including plumbing and electrical setups if needed, positioning the new walk-in tub, ensuring it’s level, installing fixtures, and adding finishing touches with panels and trim for a seamless appearance.

The process is generally quick, often completed in a day, and is handled by professional, certified installers.

What are the Features of Safe Step Walk-In Tub?

Safe Step has three different varieties, but each one offers convenient features:

  • In-line water heater.
  • Controls that are easy to reach.
  • Step-up of under four inches
  • Locking handle that is easily operable by anyone.
  • Anti-slip
  • Surface that is easy to clean.
  • Scald-Proof Technology: Prevents water from getting too hot.
  • Wide-Access Door: Larger than standard for easy entry.
  • Wall-Mounted Grab Bars
  • Quick-Release Drain
  • Anti-Gravity Purge Jets
  • Ozone Cleaning System

Safe Step Hybrid Walk-In Tub

Safe Step Hybrid Walk-In Tub is a version of a walk-in tub that combines a walk-in tub with a showerhead, and you can choose to have an optional upper glass door (euro style) or have a free Safe Step shower curtain like the image below.

The Hybrid walk-in tub combines the functionalities of a traditional bath and a shower.

The Safe Step Hybrid model includes a unique rainfall showerhead and a handheld shower wand, allowing users to enjoy a luxurious bath and a shower at the same time.

The floating remote control and strategically placed controls make it user-friendly, especially for those with mobility issues. The 4-inch step height is one of the lowest in the industry, making it more accessible.

Safe Step Hybrid™ Walk-In Tub is a walk-in tub shower combo with shower head fully height adjustable, optional of glass door euro style or free shower curtain.

What is the Safe Step Walk-In Tub Lifetime Warranty?

Safe Step offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty that covers everything, not just the tub. This includes the door seal, faucets, water pumps, heaters, blowers, and even labor costs. Anything at any time, 100% free of any cost for you.

Their commitment extends beyond the installation, ensuring long-term support and assistance for as long as the tub is in your bathroom.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Reviews

Customers who left reviews for Safe Step were pleased with the installer’s attention to detail and post-installation cleanup.

Most customers were impressed by how quickly their walk-in tub was installed, which ranged from a few hours to less than a day.

Better Business Bureau rating is A+, and Trustpilot has a 3,5 Stars in November 2023.

They provide exceptional customer service, recognizing the importance of support and solving problems.

Safe Step corporate office can be found at 1650 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. 5, Nashville, TN 37210. There are no brick-and-mortar store locations of Safe Step.

Safe Step vs Kohler Walk-in Tub?

Comparing Safe Step and Kohler walk-in tubs, I found that safety features are a crucial aspect for both. Safe Step impressed me with its therapeutic hydro-jet therapy, something I find particularly appealing for relaxation and muscle relief.

Kohler, on the other hand, caught my attention with its modern design and aesthetics, which could seamlessly blend into a contemporary bathroom setting.

In terms of pricing, I noticed that Safe Step tends to be on the higher end, likely due to its luxurious offerings. Kohler, however, seems to strike a balance between quality and affordability, which could be a more practical option for those on a tighter budget.

Another aspect I considered was customization. Safe Step allows for a high level of personalization to meet individual needs, an aspect I highly value.

Meanwhile, Kohler offers a range of pre-set models emphasizing ease of use and elegance. Premier Care is a great solution, too.

Both brands offer a lifetime warranty.

Choosing between these two would ultimately come down to individual preferences for style, specific safety features, and the level of customization desired.

Safe Step Frequently Asked Questions

Safe Step Walk-In Tub: Takeaways

  • Safe Step costs between $2,500 and $10,000, plus installation costs.
  • Integrate safety with relaxation
  • In our comprehensive tests, the Safe Step tub performed exceptionally well.

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