Safe Step Walk in Tub Cost

Safe Step Walk-in Tub is one of the largest providers of walk-in tubs for homes in the United States and Canada.

The company was started in 2001 and began expanding into resorts and hotels to provide them with safe bathing facilities for its guests.

It is especially handy for moms to bathing young children and the elderly, or anyone else with mobility issues.

Safe Step specializes in making bathtubs in which the surface of the tub is created to be slip-proof. They offer a lifetime warranty in all their tubs and they have great customer service, you know that it is important when buying something that costs you some money.

How much Safe Step Walk In Tub Cost?

A Safe Step Tub can cost you somewhere in the range of $3,500 to $11,000. At the point when you attach the expense of establishment, which will probably be someplace in the ballpark of $5,000, you’ll certainly be spending a decent wad of cash for a Safe Step tub.

In any case, I’m a firm devotee that you get what you pay for, and Safe Step is definitely justified even despite the cash.

Walk-In Tub$2,500 – $8,000
Walk-In Shower$4,000 – $10,000
Hybrid Tub$2,500 – $10,000
Cost of InstallationAppx. $5,000
Total Estimated Cost$7,500 – $13,000
Safe Step Walk in Tub

Safe Step Walk in Tubs Models

Safe Step Tub have three different varieties, but each one offers convenient features such as an in-line water heater, controls that are easy to reach, a step-up of under four inches, a shower wand that can be held, a locking handle that can easily be operated by anyone, a bathtub seat 17 inches high that is anti-slip and a surface that is easy to clean.

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It can easily be installed where a standard tub once was.

Other features of these bathtubs include technology that keeps the water from becoming scalding hot, a wider door than a standard shower, an ozone cleaning system, grab bars mounted into the wall, a quick-release drain, purge jets that defy gravity and resistance to both bacteria and mold.

The company sells walk in shower in addition to walk-in tubs. The walk-in showers are a safe alternative to taking a bath with a heated seat, one of the innovative products.

The walk-in tubs are generally recommended for elderly individuals. The three choices are Air Jet Therapy, also known as Gentle Jet, Hydro-Jet Therapy, and a Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System. The Air Jet Therapy Systems has 10 water jets and 16 bubble streams that provide relaxing foot, back, and leg massages.

Walk-in Tubs in Hotels?

Hotel chains that use this company as their preferred supplier include Best Western and Hilton Worldwide, as well as IHG.

Hotel chains use their tubs due to their safety features, and the ease in which they can be installed in the guest bathroom’s throughout the hotels as well as the high quality of the materials used to make these walk in bathtub.

Safe Step is available in some Hotels like the Radisson, Hilton and Marriot.

The Hydro-Jet Therapy system allows the user to change the speed at which water is dispensed and has ten ports built into the tub to help people relieve tension all over their bodies. The Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System gives the user access to both massages and a whirlpool experience.

The price change also if you choose between acrylic or fiberglass tub.

On a scale of one to five when it comes to the affordability of these tubs.

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Their corporate office can be found at 1650 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. 5, Nashville, TN 37210. 

There are no brick-and-mortar store locations of Safe Step, so be sure to visit this website below to get a quote of tub prices.

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