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Walk-In-Tubs – What You Need To Know

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Trying to learn about the best walk-in bathtubs can take up plenty of your time and effort. Due to the mass media marketing online, there is a jungle of choices out there, and without putting in some type of research it will be difficult to find out what is good, what is bad, and which type of technology is the best. Similar to cars, there are wide differences in quality when it comes to walk-in tubs.

When it comes to engineering, and the tub has been designed, a tub that has been manufactured without a train is the sort that can cause difficulty with the installation process. For example, these tubs come with a two-piece door.

With sort of tub, there are several complaints from consumers that, over time, from using the tub, getting inside, and outside of the tub, will create a state where the door shifts, moves, and flexes, which will result in pressure in the door that ultimately leads to the door cracking.

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Although it may seem like the spout where the water comes out from is the least of a consumer’s worries, depending on the design of the spout, it actually can be an issue of time.

There are some cleverly designed spouts that provide great aesthetics, however, some of these may take nearly 20 minutes to completely fill the walk-in tub. Instead, be sure to try to find tubs that you like, with ¾ inch flow faucets that have a rapid fill time.

Ultimately it is important that the product has a frame, or shell that has a strong foundational design, preferable it has a frame, one that is structurally framed around wood is generally a sound choice. Also, remember to consider the air system installed in the tub, if your tub has a water jet system, which means that the jet system is one that is clean, and does not permit water back into the lines, which typically fosters bacteria growth.

Equally important, the tub’s design should prevent water from getting into, or behind the frame, thereby molding the wood frame inside. This situation can be circumvented with designs that have tile barriers on, and around the border of the tub, this is typical of most American-designed tubs, which is not necessarily the case for European designs.

If you can not pay for the whole tub, please check Medicare because in some situations you will get paid for a percentage defined by them.

Now that we’ve covered a basic review considering the best ways to go about choosing a walk-in tub, below there are a few listings for walk-in-tub dealers that you might find suitable to your needs.

Bentley Baths

This company declares that its most important concern in business is that the items pass through a quality inspection, no matter which country they are manufactured in. Some of the top sellers through this dealer include two models that are part of the “Swan” line of products. To browse these models, click the links below.

For prices, contact the dealers. The Swan products are industry leaders which have passed through high-quality inspections and come with stainless steel frames and a marine-grade fiberglass shell. Consumers can choose between straight, or curved doors, and also rest assured that all seating systems are ADA compliant with height restrictions. Also, they are 40 feet deep, and 40 ft wide, to allow for a full body soak. View actual images of these products, and browse the links provided below.

Fountain of Youth Bathrooms

The Safe Step Tub walk-in tub is a high-quality hydrotherapy jet system tub that has been designed with all of the standard devices, and functions. It includes a 5 piece faucet set, and for safety, includes the built-in grab bar, of course, a nonslip floor surface, stainless steel structural foundation, and frame, as well as contoured seating, and walk-in access door.

There is a warranty on the product that covers the life of the tub. The actual composition of the tub is made from 3 distinct layers of acrylic gel for aesthetics and a more polished finish. Find an image of the tub below, by using the link provided.

American walk-in bathtubs

Like with almost any bathtub design, the American walk-in bathtub lines have been manufactured to enable consumers with a safe, and luxurious bathtub experience every time. The specific designs serve to cater to each customer so that they can have confidence throughout the experience, no matter the level of mobility.

Each tub in the walk-in-tub series has been engineered with exceptional safety features including anti-slip flooring, seating, door handles, and inside, as well as out, grab bars, in addition to lifetime guarantees on warranties.

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The company also prides itself on special rates, offers, and delivery specials, which are seasonal. Some of their most popular models include:

The Everlast Walk-in-tub, The Freedom Walk-in-tub, and the Freedom Special Walk-in-tub. due to age and disability, companies boast that these products ad quality to life, by taking mobility, as an issue, into consideration, and adapting the classic bathtub design to cater to the user’s needs.

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