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Jacuzzi Walk in Tub Review

Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs has been well established over the past forty years, it is not at all surprising to note that people are using the words hot tub and Jacuzzi synonymously as the brand name.

Actually, the history of this industry of Jacuzzi can be traced back to the 1960s when the family create Walk in-Tub with Jacuzzi.

It was in 1968 that the Jacuzzi brothers manufactured a first Jacuzzi tub for the very first time ever after they invented a portable type of hydrotherapy pump.

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The Jacuzzi tub was born out of the dream of the Jacuzzi brothers to provide some amount of relief to a family member who suffered from arthritis through hydrotherapy. The first whirlpool type bathtub which used these hydrotherapy pumps was made as well as marketed by Roy Jacuzzi, a third generation Jacuzzi family member, twelve years after the pump was invented.

Over the years, they have incorporated a number of features and enhancements such as large sized tubs, water filtration as well as pumping systems, improved heating systems, and better water and /or air jets.

Jacuzzi walk in tubs that are fitted with water jets were introduced into the market subsequently. These tubs were fitted with hydrotherapy pumps that sucked the water contained inside the tub through pipes and recycled it back into the tub by means of jets.

The idea behind using water jets in the Jacuzzi tubs is to provide a massaging effect of an intense nature to the person who bathes in the tub. As you may be aware, the massaging effect provided through hydrotherapy helps to relieve pain due to illness, disability or injury experienced by a person.

Technological advancements that have come about over the years have resulted in the development of Jacuzzi tubs with not only better designs, but also different capabilities. The water jets fitted inside the Jacuzzi tubs can now be positioned to provide massaging effect to specific areas of the body.

This enables a person who uses hydrotherapy to experience therapeutic effects and longer lasting relief from pain caused by injuries, illnesses and disabilities.

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On the other hand the heat of the hot water inside the tub provides a great deal of help to people who are suffering from blood circulation problems and those that are experiencing muscular tension.

Hydrotherapy has been found to be of great help in relaxing muscles and provide relief from stress.

As of today, a wide variety and styles of Jacuzzi tubs are available in the market. In fact, the Jacuzzi Walk in Tub is only one of the several different options that are available to consumers to choose from.

There are also tubs that provide consumers with hydrotherapy through water and/or air jets. In addition, traditional soaking Jacuzzi tubs with walk in feature are also now available in the market.