How to Clean a Walk in Tub (The Right Way)

Clean a walk-in tub is a little different from a traditional bathtub. It’s a necessary and stress-free process with only a few easy steps to keep it clean and safe to use.

Walk-in tubs are easy to maintain, but even the best one needs proper care and cleaning depending, of course, the material and the frequency and nature of usage.

You will only need is bathroom cleaner (nonabrasive), glass cleaning fluid and a soft cloth.

There are some products you should consider to use for your cleaning routine like Clorox disinfecting, Fantastik Antibacterial, Green Works All-Purpose, and for rust removal, the Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover.

There are some products you should avoid cleaning your walk-in tub with because it can erode the surfaces over time.

Aerosols or abrasive products and bleach or other cleaners that contain bleach.

Walk-in tubs are no exception when it comes to being home to bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

Despite the material, your walk in tub is coated with you should clean it once a two in two weeks with a light disinfectant not only to take care of visible stains but to get rid of bacteria. All it takes it’s a gentle swipe with a soft cloth.

Before you start to make, every surface is clear for cleaning (remove bottles, toiletries, etc.), then follow the cleaner instructions and wipe the surfaces clean with the soft cloth inside and outside from top to bottom. To finish, rinse everything with warm water.

Don’t forget to clean the faucet, the showerhead, and the grab bars, they are just as important, and it’s easy, apply the glass cleaner and rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

If you chose the LuxStone wall, you don’t need to worry about grout; you just need to apply the cleaner, follow the instructions and don’t let it soak, then rinse the cleaning fluid and dry the wall with a soft cloth.

Keep in mind that the hardness and temperature of the water can vary and that can affect the cleaning material so it’s hard to guarantee that the same formulas work equal to everyone.

Hard water leaves deposits and stains compared to soft water, so you need to determine the types of stains to know what formula or cleaner to clean with effect.

Don’t forget to also clean and maintain the surrounding of the walk-in tub and keep up a cleaning regular schedule to keep the walk-in tub always clean and safe.

Other tips are to leave your bathroom window open for at least an hour per day to avoid trapping moisture inside the room.

For example, Safe Step Tub says to once a month give the walk-in tub deep and overall maintenance – just fill it with warm water and mix some dishwashing fluid and leave it for 15 minutes and then drain, repeat with only warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Cleaning your walk-in tub properly, it’s not as hard as it seems. If you keep up with the routine and right procedures will last longer and serve you as it should.

Follow these tips and steps, and you maintain in perfect condition the Walk-in tub for many years. Check out your article about Medicare Walk-in Tubs to see if you can get or not.