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Handicap Bathtub – The Solution For you

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The handicap bathtub is recommended for anyone with limited mobility. Before we show you the best handicap available on the market right now, we´ll tell you a little bit more about this useful and modern product.

What is a handicap bathtub?

A handicap bathtub is projected to offer a facility when entering the bathtub. There´s no need to step in over the tub like we usually do. It is designed to help people who, for some reason have lost regular mobility.

If you want to, a bath chair can be integrated, just like bars to increase the safety of those who are going to use the bathtub.

If you have an elderly living with you, you probably know the struggle it is for him or her to get into the tub. It is not only very dangerous for them, but also for the person who needs to help them get in.

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With a handicap bathtub you won´t have that sort of problem anymore, because the person we´ll be able to do most of it alone, just pressing buttons.


Advantages of a handicap bathtub

The advantages are uncountable; especially if you have someone with limited mobility in your home. But, if you find it complicated to get into the tub, or if you ever hurt yourself doing it, here are a few reasons why you should buy a handicap bathtub:

  • You won´t need to worry about slipping while getting into the tub. A handicap bathtub has all the facilities to make your bath time safe;
  • Usually, a handicap bathtub can fit conveniently in the space of your existing bathtub or shower;
  • Avoiding accidents. Because of its lift chair system controlled with buttons pressing, you won´t have to worry about accidents involving you or your loved ones.
  • Some handicap bathtubs can also be used as a shower/ tub combo, and they also come with an adjustable showerhead.

How do I find the best handicap bathtub for me?

Well, first of all, you have to think about your needs or the person who cannot move. As you could read before, there are many settings and functions involving handicap bathtubs, so you have to consider what kind of options will be indispensable for you.

For example, if you have someone in the house that is in a wheelchair, then you have to make sure that the handicap tub you´re buying has a lift chair.

Another aspect you have to consider is how easy it is for the person to press buttons and reach things. Reading customers’ reviews is very helpful.

You can find a handicap bathtub from $650.00 to $1900,00; it varies from what you need and the options available.

Now, after all this information, we´ll show you one of the best handicap bathtub you could buy. Follow its descriptions:

Momentum Handicap Bathtub

This is a complete handicap bathtub, suitable for all your needs. It doesn´t matter if you need a lift chair, this one has a slip-resistant tub-lift chair, with optional leg rest.

The Hydrovescent® Therapy from Premier Care Bathing will you feel like you´re at a SPA. You will feel safe and comfortable while immersing yourself in a bath that other handicap bathtubs won´t be able to offer you.

Once you´ve decided to buy a Momentum Handicap Bathtub you won´t have to worry if your new tub will fit in your bathroom; their specialist designers will assist you and determine the proper arrangements.

Well, if you´re not yet convinced about this beauty here, we´ll show you what else it offers you:

  • It´s a full-length bathing; more space for you;
  • It has spa jets, to stimulate and soothe your body;
  • The Hydrovescent® Therapy option will ease aches and pains; you will feel renewed after your bathtub;
  • You can easily control the temperature;
  • Its power seat lifts and lowers into the tub; more safety for you;
  • Its lift chair is resistant, you won´t slip, and you can pick up with a leg rest.

If you are just as impressed as we are with this ultimate handicap bathtub and want to buy one, you can find it on their website. They will help you with your choice, they´ll show you the options, and will help you to decide which bathtub to buy.

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