Best Walk-in Tubs with Shower Combo [2021 Rankings]

Walk in tub with shower is a great combo for those with some kind of mobility problem; elders, someone who had some kind of accident, or someone who just find a little difficulty to step in into a regular tub but want take a complete shower.

All walk-in tub have a door which opens and closes, located on the side, or in front of the tube. It makes the entering process very easy because you don´t have to lift your leg over the threshold, as with traditional bathtubs.

Why Should I Get A Walk In Tub With Shower Combo?

Walk in Tub Shower Combo

A walk in tub with shower is a bathtub equipped with a door, which makes the entering processes easier and safer for those with some kind of mobility limitation, or people who have a hard time getting into the tub.

All you need to do is open the door, get in and close it.

Once the door is closed, you can turn on the shower and let the water flow. Just make sure the door is correctively closed. The water won´t flood the floor thanks to the sealing mechanism on its doors.

The walk in tubs with shower, besides all these qualities, they have a shower, which could be a shower head; the mounted wall type, or a handheld shower, or both. The choice is really up to you.

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What are the advantages of a walk-in tub with shower combo?

To have a walk-in tub with a shower is best combo, safe and practical option for those who want to feel free from accidents, or for those with mobility problems.

You can step in the tub, turn on the shower, and relax and clean yourself the way it better suits you.

The walk in tubs have space for you to sit, and with the shower, you can just sit and shower at the same time. Here´s a list of more advantages considering the walk in tubs with shower:

  • For older adults. Some people can´t bath properly because of some health or movement problem. But with a walk-in tub with shower, the process is simple and easy, there´s no need for someone else to help. The person can sit, turn on the shower, and that´s it.
  • No slipping. Because of handrails, seats and textures pads, users will keep their heads above water.
  • No sliding shower door. Sliding shower doors are not safe, because they were not designed to support a person´s weight.
  • You will enjoy showering sitting comfortably in your tub; enjoying make settings and functions like massage and others.

How do I find the best walk in tub with shower for me? 

First of all, you need to think about what you need and expect from a walk in tub with shower combo. As we have mentioned before, some of them are simple, and some of them come with a lot of settings and options. Some of them have, for example, combo massage, or air Spa.

You also have to consider the size of the walk in tub want to buy. There are available on the market, tubs with 28 inch by 48 inch, or 32 inch by 60 inch. So, the price also varies according to its size.

How much will it cost me, and where can I buy one?

The prices can go from $2000,00 up to $9000,00 or more. They are more expensive than the regular bathtubs, but you have to consider all its facilities and settings.

The installations require professional help, but, if you can´t hire someone to do that for you, you show buy a portable model.

Portable models hook up to an existing faucet, but don´t require installation.

Make sure to read other´s users’ reviews to have a better idea of what you need. Walk in tubs with shower vary in size and access.

If you have someone in a wheelchair who will use the tub, you need to consider buying a model with wider doors and lower seats; the ones adjustable for wheelchairs.

Think about the special features you would like to have in your walk in tub; they water and air jets in different positions; back massages, legs and feet.

By wisely, to make sure you won´t regret it and you will be satisfied with your choice. Make sure to read the warranties and all the functions the walk in tub you´ve chosen has.

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